By Lucas Sieuzac

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Onice is inspired by the coldest places on our planet. It is peace and clarity.

It is perfect in its pure state. The insight when you seek the best.

Olfactive Notes

Head Notes

Heart Notes

Top Notes

The perfume inspired itself in the musk and cedar, thinking of the environment reproduced in cold places. It evolves to the elemi resin that keeps it sweet with a very fresh touch. The top notes continue with the freshness of orange citrus oil from Florida, peppermint and black pepper.
Onice is a perfume that descends from Ice peaked mountains the essence and scents from this amazing backdrop.

It honours indoor life but also the areas in the world where life outdoors, in some very remote areas brings some of the freshest experiences known to man.

From Alaska to Siberia, to the Patagonias to the Arctics, Onice captures and returns that feeling to all those who have yet to experience the true feeling of the freshest places on earth.

Lucas Sieuzac
Maître Parfumeur
Lucas Sieuzak is guided by his true passion for perfumes and his destiny was marked through living his life in a perfume environment.
‘‘I may well be one of the last perfumers who grew up and was trained surrounded by fields of flowers."
Reminiscence Collection
The collection honours our ancestral origins, our present and our future.

Was created to write the history of people around the world and to contribute to the story explained by the best perfumers of our century.

Indeed this first collection called Reminiscence talks about the evolution of perfumes as a result of the different migration movements over time, of which every one of us is a part.

It portrays the true story of the perfume explained by the free imagination and knowledge of the Maîtres Parfumeurs of the XXI century.


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