A life journey through the fragrances

Somens capture four different routes to bring us the luxury and the experiences of our personal journey. Was created to write the history of people around the world and to contribute to the story explained by the best perfumers of our century 

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Opinions from customers

"At last a quality healthy cream also men with all natural ingredients! Made my year!"

Simon 51, London (UK)

"My two favorite products are the reparative Juno Facial Cream. It is delicate, soft, and it is easy to put it and my skin feels great whenever I used it. Other of my must try is the refreshing revitalizing Emitt Serum, I can feel how refreshes and moisturizes my skin after a long day in the office and the polluted city."

Natalia Ha 32, Seoul (South Korea)

"I found in Somens brand the balance on my skin. Pranna and Oridson are a real morning blessing as well as Emitt at night. Just love it!"

Gina 38, New York (USA)
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