A life journey through the fragrances

Somens capture four different routes to bring us the luxury and the experiences of our personal journey. Was created to write the history of people around the world and to contribute to the story explained by the best perfumers of our century 

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"So as far as the 2 lines: Eye treatment cream...I noticed that it was not very greasy and I didn't have any allergic reaction to it as I sometimes do with eye creams. It seemed to help the puffiness under my eyes after trying it for a few days. Skin cream (Halfeti): This cream was easy to apply and not at all greasy or oily. My skin felt smoother after trying this product for a few days."

Veena 52, Seattle (USA)

"After using a great mix of Somens products for over a month, I felt my skin really nourished even people could tell about a real change in my skin tone. Emitt serum and Seiren cream gave me back an awesome freshness look!"

Carolina 46, Bogotá (Colombia)

"Highly recommended Pranna for all men! Quality product that suits my skin perfectly every day."

Shane 29, London (UK)
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