By Chris Maurice

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Aria is dancing of the Mediterranean wind.

The fresh sea breeze that flies into the summer nights.

Olfactive Notes

Aria is the essence of the Mediterranean sea

Head Notes

Heart Notes

Top Notes

It starts with vetiver and cedar notes, the most ancient ingredients found in India and Reunion and continues with a touch of musk, white tea and jasmine from the Provence area and fig from the Catalonian area where the famous painter Dalí was born. The final top notes come from the best lemon, bergamot and pomegranate trees ancestrally grown from generation to generation in the sunny lands of the Iberian península even today.
Aria represents and links the migration of those who took a brave adventure over time to America.
Chris Maurice
Maître Parfumeur d’Orient et Occident

An open heart and mind together with an exquisite sense of smell is the art to linking cultures through fragances.

Reminiscence Collection
The collection honours our ancestral origins, our present and our future.

Was created to write the history of people around the world and to contribute to the story explained by the best perfumers of our century.

Indeed this first collection called Reminiscence talks about the evolution of perfumes as a result of the different migration movements over time, of which every one of us is a part.

It portrays the true story of the perfume explained by the free imagination and knowledge of the Maîtres Parfumeurs of the XXI century.


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