By Chris Maurice

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Arena is the golden road to the desert.

The warmth of the earth that awakens all your senses.

Olfactive Notes

Head Notes

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Arena is the vestige of the first perfume to exist in the Arabic world and was created with elegant and exquisite Arabic and classic notes such as musk, vanilla and the finest oud. It later evolved to include notes of salvia, ambar and iris with a touch of red fruits and today has notes of rose artemis and cardamom meaning that the fragance transports you from the deserts of Arabia to the Mediterranean as the hours go by.
Arena is the perfume that represents the origin of all perfumes and which has evolved into the perfumes of today.
Chris Maurice
Maître Parfumeur d’Orient et Occident

An open heart and mind together with an exquisite sense of smell is the art to linking cultures through fragances.

Reminiscence Collection
The collection honours our ancestral origins, our present and our future.

Was created to write the history of people around the world and to contribute to the story explained by the best perfumers of our century.

Indeed this first collection called Reminiscence talks about the evolution of perfumes as a result of the different migration movements over time, of which every one of us is a part.

It portrays the true story of the perfume explained by the free imagination and knowledge of the Maîtres Parfumeurs of the XXI century.


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