Georgina Ripollès, born in Barcelona in 1975, belongs to the Ripollès and Segarra, editors and publicists family who were one of the first founders in launching an advertising agency, developing marketing campaigns, texts and designs for helping companies to promote themselves such as Planeta, Salvat and Circulo de Lectores amongst others in Spain.

Georgina’s Grandfather worked as an editor. Later this evolved into more complex campaigns where design was also involved. Georgina is the third generation of her family, who is devoted to turning words into art and ultimately, the development of cosmetics and perfumes which explain Somens’ history and who we are today.


Georgina Ripollés is a publicist specialized in the creation of cosmetic and perfume brands. She created more than twenty perfume brands, and 164 perfumes. Gio is currently working on the creation of numerous niche perfume and cosmetic brands for worldwide customers. She is nicknamed Gio L’Arôme, Gio a diminutive of her own name, and L’Arôme because of her passion for creating fragrances.

Gio was raised surrounded by an international community as well as designs, art, oils and lyrics thanks to her Ripollés Segarra family who were originally from the Spanish Tuscany region. This Spanish region is known to have inspired many renowned artist and indeed inspired her family to establish one of the first advertising agencies in Barcelona in 1960.

The style of life and the endevour to work was one of the premises that marked her childhood. She grew up seeing her family working constantly, writting, drawing, models and photographs. She studied advertising and public relation at Barcelona university.


For those who know Gio, would say that she is a brave curious person who is always able to help wherever it is needed. Life dreamer to make the world better, her passion for art and design took her to Paris where she lived for 5 years and started learning more in depth about cultures, oils, essences and perfumes. Once back in Barcelona, the family then focused its knowledge on creating different brands for customers, from the actual packaging design to the finished end product.

Her professional journey started when she moved to Paris, after having finished her degree in Advertising in Barcelona, attracted by the eternal state-of-art of Paris where she worked for some of the most important IT companies of the time. She says: "I was always waiting for the weekends to come around to put some art and nature in to my blood. Every Sunday morning, I submersed myself in a museum for hours to absorb art and sensitivity".


Somens is a synonym of people, art and passion for cultures. The origin of Somens stems from the dream and intention to explain our own origins, indeed our evolution towards the person we are today through the history of perfumes.  

Somens is a reflection of Gio’s knowledge, love and passion for life, a legacy from her upbringing, explained through fragrances. Somens talks about people from places, childhood memories and movements of people.  She says: "I am a fan myself of anthropology, cultures and people as well as art, design and perfumes! Perhaps this explains how I found myself living in different countries in Africa".


A lifejourney told through the aroma of your fragrance created by Somens Essence.

Somens will tell your story. Perfectly inspired by the best perfumers around the world, using their expertise in fragrances and the finest materials, culminating in some of the most amazing creations. Whispering the history of our origins and evolving into the people we are today.

The journey with Somens begins with the creation of its Reminiscence range, enabling everyone to find a connection with one of its perfumes, either due to a passed memory, a recently created memory or even in view of the person we are becoming.

Somens has no boundaries regardless of geographical location as the world transforms into a place where we are all considered equal without prejudice. Somens  luxury fragrances capture the essence of our origins, helping to create feelings of nostalgia emanating from our roots. 

Somens Luxury Perfumes is the brand that will evolve with you throughout your life time.

The name of SOMENS is a composition of 3 words: SO (SOphie- wisdom) M (Mundial/World) ENS (essence phonetics). Every perfume we've made now: Arena, Seda, Jade and Aria is part of men's history of those who were born somewhere in the world and later gone elsewhere.

ARENA is the first perfume. The perfume that connects the Arabic culture with the Spanish peninsula. It is the perfume from where all perfumes were born when Spain melt essential oils into leather. Louis XIV just wanted the leather from Spain because of its balance and adictive smell. 

ARIA is the perfume that rememorates all migration of entrepreneurs and artesans during the XIX and XX centutry from west Europe to North and South America. It is the dance between citrus and fresh wind. Which is the conection between the main trees in the mediterranean cultures and the voyage to the America by the Sea.

SEDA is the perfume that represents all migrations of new talents, courageous and curious from the main cities of West Africa and India to the main cities in Europe bringing us its talent and exotism. Seda is where wildness meets romance.

JADE is pure nature, is the mother nature that brings us all to the origin, is the representation of Asiatic cultures migrating to South America and Europe. It is the special connection that North East Asian cultures have to nature and its wisdom and knowledge to be always in tune with nature.

SOMENS is the brand that turns to be a platform where anyone of us can find a place either as a custumer, as we find our perfume, or as a perfumer. The perfumers are able to express themselves by choosing the ingredients that most suit and explaining through the final fragance the history of journeys of world migrations. Somens is our history named in essences. 


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