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    High performance skincare treatments

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Our cosmetic line

· Skincare Treatments that have in mind the diversity of skin phototypes, resulting in products based on the genetics of each phototype.

· Formulated with next generation ingredients and specific synergies that improve the performance of each ingredient and multiply the effectiveness of the product.

· Only high quality ingredients from botanical expertise: thermal spring water (26 oligoelements), vegetable extracts & oils, low molecular weight vegetable hyaluronic acid and vitamins, among others. Vegan and cruelty free.

· Fresh Products that keep all their properties. Made in Barcelona.

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Six main Phototypes

Our formulas are based on the main skin phototypes and their genetics:

Phototypes I & II: very fair or fair skin, blonde or red hair and light eye colour such as blue, light green or grey. They tend to have very to a few freckles and get easily burnt in the sun instead of getting tan. Normally of Nordic descent. Main moisturizer: Byakko. Since the skin is thiner on these phototypes, it’s formulated to hydrate, moisturize and tonify, taking care of the most sensitive skins.

Phototype III: beige skin color with normally golden undertones, dark blonde or light brown natural hair color and hazel or light brown eyes. The skin might freckle as a sun reaction, they burn occasionally and tan moderately. Normally of European or Caucasian descent. Main moisturizer: Seiren. Formulated to hydrate, moisturize, tonify and renew cells constantly.

Somens Ingredients

Phototype IV: skins that burn minimally and tan easily and fast without getting freckles. This phototype has fair to light brown skin or olive complexion and dark coloured hair and eyes. Of Mediterranean, Mongolic & Oriental descent. Main moisturizer: Juno. Formulated to keep the skin evenly fair and smooth with no open pores.

Phototypes V & VI: skins that never burn and tan intensively. These phototypes have dark brown or black skin and dark brown to black hair and eyes. The thickness of these phototypes’ skin often blocks the absorption of tradicional cosmetics and make them more sensitive to oily comedogenic products. Also, these phototypes tend to be more dehydrated because of the amount of sweat glands that make them lose more water. Main moisturizer: Halfeti. Formulated to help absorbs all the products and to hydrate & moisturize with no comedogenic oils to prevent spot formation.

Somens Purpose

Our Purpose

Somens was born from an awareness about the diversity of skin tones and their genetics. As professionals in the beauty industry, we felt the need to acknowledge the fact that there are many skin tones that are not currently represented in the skincare market. 

As a family business, the laboratory started producing personalised skincare treatments for family and friends. They soon realised the lack of knowledge in the industry about genetics in the different skin tones, resulting in cosmetics formulated only for people with fair complexions.

After 40 years of laboratory research, they were determined to create a brand that embraces every person, every skin. Somens seeks to recover the natural beauty of each skin tone, no matter the gender of the person, creating exclusive products for each skin phototype.

skincare based on genetics

Union of tradition and innovation

Our origins are not anchored to one place or moment: we were born from the magical combination which arises between botanics and its essences, essential oils and extracts and the diversity of the different skin tones whilst working on the need to treat each one independently to highlight its maximum beauty.

Our name Somens comes from the classical Greek words “knowledge”, “essences” and “world”. Our philosophy is based on the perfect harmony between these three pillars with special attention to the diversity of the tones and skin types that exist, without making distinctions between gender, since our aim is solely to highlight the beauty of each skin.

From the fusion of our botanical knowledge with state-of-the-art ingredients, we are able to reach a unique synergy of elements to create a high quality range of beauty products. Because in order to create an exceptional product for each skin type, cosmetics knows the rules but botanicals can imagine the exceptions.

tradition & innovation
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