To innovate is to create unisex cosmetics based on the skin's phototype, conceived for all tones and skin types, whilst understanding the different genetics and nature of each one.
Each skin, one universe

Each skin, one universe

Thanks to 40 years of experience and research, Somens seeks to recover the natural beauty of each skin tone, no matter the sex of the person, creating exclusive products for each skin type and tone. Somens works on the premise that ‘not all skin tones require the same treatment since their nature and genetics are different‘.
Conscious that there are different skin tones all over the world, Somens takes a different stance and confronts the fact that from its very beginning, science has only formulated cosmetics for people with white complexions.  For this reason Somens breaks away and investigates firstly by analyzing what the different phototypes are and what each one needs to attain its beauty and splendor.

skincare based on genetics

Investigation ‘inside-out’

Our technical and scientific team were able to confirm their proposed hypothesis through the results obtained from the tests carried out on people from different ethnicity and skin tones. They succeeded in visibly highlighting their beauty resulting in a smoother, softer skin, capable of a better absorption and which showed an improved appearance due to reduced signs of ageing.

Throughout the years of our research we have obtained formulas which, because of their combination and typology of ingredients, regulate the absorption of the cream according to the needs of each skin phototype.

Somens has achieved this goal thanks to its extensive worldwide knowledge of high quality state-of the-art essences, oils and ingredients but above all due to its understanding of how the ingredients interact with each other thanks to the synergies that exist between them.


How do we formulate?

Our advanced system of formulation follows the following methodology

- We analyse the skin phototype of the person the treatment is for: very fair complexions that tend to redden in the sun, fair to lighty tan, olive complexions high likely to tan or deep tanned to dark complexion.

- We keep in mind the nature of each skin: the degree of sebacious secretion when this is not balanced, the degree in tendency towards the loss of luminosity and the areas or tendency towards premature ageing.

- We identify the problem we wish to prevent, reduce or correct: Dehydration, dryness, desquamation, loss of luminosity, ageing, wrinkles, lack of firmness.


skincare based on genetics

12 main synergies

Our formulas are not based on individual, one by one ingredients. Thanks to our botanical knowledge, each formula works through synergies and consist of precise proportions of every ingredient in accordance with each objective and product.

Moisturising, hygroscopic, anti-age, anti-wrinkle, firmness, astringent, soothing, emollient/softening, natural sun protection, anti-free radicals, anti-imperfections, anti-seborrheic.

It is thanks to these exact quantities and combinations that we are able offer all the solutions resulting in the first quality cosmetic brand to be created, one which is capable of formulating for the different skin tones around the world.

skincare ingredients

Extraordinary ingredients

For the first time,  a new dimension is added where the product not only acts because of the ingredients it contains but also because of how the synergies work between them, thus enhancing to the utmost the course of each one of the ingredients.

We use only high quality ingredients with their certificate of origin and which comply with European regulations, FDA regulations in the USA, as well as the regulations from other countries such as Korea.  We use oils and vegetable extracts, vitamins, hyaluronic acid, thermal water and emulsifiers.  Each one is from a natural origin, is not comodogenic and we avoid synthetics such as parabens, paraffins, petrol derivatives, triethanolamine or formaldehydes.

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