What is skin phototype?
A skin’s phototype is its ability to assimilate solar rays and how it reacts to exposure to the sun, depending on several factors including type of skin, sensitivity and skin pigmentation.
What products does Somens offer?

At Somens, we work based on the understanding that skin can only be treated if it has been previously hydrated. For proper hydration, we offer four specific moisturizers for each skin phototype: white, brown, tan, Middle Eastern and Asian and dark. For hydration treatment we offer you four product lines that enhance cleansing, hydration, nutrition, regeneration and protection and intensive local treatment or targeted to specific facial areas. 

Are Somens moisturizing creams appropriate for all ages?

Somens does not distinguish between ages for hydration; the distinction is based instead on skin phototype independently of age. Any skin type or tone, independently of age, will benefit from the results that our innovative formulas offer. It’s a cream for your entire life cycle.

My mother has the same phototype as I do (white skin), but she has wrinkles and I don’t. Is it enough for her to use only a moisturizing cream?

We understand that within each phototype there can be specific needs for each skin, according to age, habits, location, etc. That is why we offer treatments to cover an array of distinct needs.

Are Somens ingredients natural?

Compared to high-end cosmetics, Somens is the first brand to combine natural products with next generation ingredients. The base of our treatments is in natural essences, oils and botanical extras. This is how we are able to say that are products are 90% natural and free of parabens, paraffin, petroleum-based ingredients, triethaonamina and formaldehyde.

Does Somens conduct any animal testing?

Absolutely not. We love and respect animals and we are therefore completely against animal testing. Therefore, we have developed alternative testing techniques that guarantee the highest standards, quality and effectiveness of our products, above all, for your skin’s protection.

What ingredients are not found in Somens products?

Our treatments are based exclusively on active botanicals and their respective essences, essential oils and extracts. None of our products have chemical ingredients such as parabens, paraffin, petroleum-based ingredients, triethaonamina and formaldehyde, none of which add value to cosmetics and instead compromise results.

Are Somens fresh products?

Yes, Somens continuously works to offer you fresh, top-performing products thanks to their ingredients, each of which and also combined together offer great synergies, and excellent effectiveness for your skin.

How do I know which cream is right for my phototype?

Through our diagnostic approach, you will be able to discover which cream is most appropriate for your phototype and the specific ritual or treatment best suited to bring out the best in you.

Do I need the Somens serum if I already have another one?

You can finish using the serum you are currently using. However, the complete Somens treatment is based on the experience and visible results that our labs have obtained based on not only the synergies between ingredients but also between products. The content of each formula and its proportions has been tested and is based on the principle of avoiding as much as possible inert ingredients such as paraffin that do not add value to final results. 

What products do you recommend?

Somens works with four basic steps that lead to perfect skin.
1. Facial cleansing
2. Comprehensive protection: sunscreen and basic moisturizer
3. A specific cream appropriate for your phototype and skin tone. Lifelong treatment that brings your skin balances and contributes all the necessary ingredients for each skin type.
4. Products tailored to your specific needs (wrinkles, under-eye bags and puffiness, etc.)

When I applied the product, my skin became red. What does this mean or what might have happened?

Somens products are formulated with the most optimal and secure concentrations permitted, above and beyond what other similar products offer. Our objective is for them to fulfil their designated function. Therefore, if you notice redness in an area of your skin, it could be due to the following reasons:
-A venotonic reaction due to vitamin C concentration.
-You have applied too much of the product.
-Your skin was not prepared for this type of treatment.
-Your skin is suffering from extreme cold/heat or irritation from the sun.

If the redness is intense, it could also be that your skin does not tolerate one of the plant-based ingredients in the product’s formula. In this case, remove the product with water and discontinue use.

What value is there in purchasing the kit?

Our kits are optimized to achieve maximum results by combining the advantages of each of our products. In addition, by purchasing the kit you save money compared to buying each product separately, so you have no excuses to pamper yourself with the complete treatment in order to bring out your natural beauty.



What types of payment do you accept?

Somens works with a global transaction platform offering completely save payment. There you will find the different preferred payment types most used in your country, plus credit and debit cards or PayPal.

Orders & Returns

Can I return a product?

Yes. Somens work with the best quality and service standards. You have 15 days to return a product so long as you have not opened it and it remains intact, as you received it. This is why we include a sample for all products within each product line. 

For returns, please contact sales@somenscosmetics.com indicating the reason for the return: wrong product or incompatibility. Once we receive your return, our quality control team will verify the state of the packaging. If it meets our quality guidelines for returns, we will reimburse you automatically. 

Do you take international orders?

Of course. Our philosophy is based on developing treatments for any skin type. Therefore, Somens delivers globally.

Can you send orders to post office boxes?

No, unfortunately we cannot due to the customer’s inability to sign the certified delivery confirming receipt.

How long will my order take to arrive?

Shipping to Spain takes between 24 and 48 working hours in normal conditions. Shipping to Europe takes between 48 and 72 working hours. Shipping to the rest of the world takes between 2 and 7 working days depending on the destiation.

What should I do if I don’t receive my order?

From the moment you receive the tracking number, you can check your order status and expected delivery date. Somens works with some of the best couriers in the world. However, sometimes depending on the route or destinations, delivery can experience delays due to inclement weather or holidays. In these cases, the package will be delivered as soon as possible after the delay. If the problem persists, send us an email with your order number explaining your situation: sales@somenscosmetics.com

Where can I see my order?

You can check your order status in the main menu, clicking on “My account” and then “My orders” or by clicking on the link sent in your email confirmation.

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