Face moisturizer. Very fair skin
Face moisturizer. Very fair skin


Face moisturizer. Very fair skin

The first moisturizer specially formulated considering the genetics of fair skin complexions, which multiply the effectiveness of the product. It contains a synergy of more than 20 active ingredients; formed by vegetable oils, vegetable extracts and actives; 26 thermal oligoelements and two registered next generation peptides patents which prevent and attenuate the signs of ageing.


Why is it different?

  • It hydrates, moisturizes and tonify, taking care of the most sensitive skins

  • Long lasting hydration thanks to the exclusive hygroscopic synergy

  • It helps to reduce the main signs of ageing, wrinkles and expression lines by smoothing and firming the skin


*See ritual, ingredients and phototype below.

50 ml. | 96 €

Highest quality ingredients

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Product made in Barcelona

Phototipe Experts

Apply a small amount of the nutritive moisturising face cream to your face and spread evenly using your fingertips every night. Use day & night for more powerful results.

Thermal spring water (26 oligoelements), flower distillate (rosa damascena), vegetable extracts (grapefruit, tara gum, oats, bearberry, rooibos and liquorice), vegetable oils (meadow grass and macadamia nut), vegetable butters (shea butter), peptides, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamins (C + E), low molecular weight vegetable hyaluronic acid, glycerol, allantoin and caprylic/capric triglycerides.

Specially formulated for phototypes I & II. These phototypes have fair skin, blonde or red hair and light-coloured eyes. They tend to have freckles and get easily burnt in the sun. Normally of Nordic descent. 

In Japanese mythology, one of the most outstanding animals to exist is Byakko, a white tiger, symbol of white light as well as autumn, the time of year for regeneration.

Face moisturizer. Very fair skin

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